Three phase a546oil-a1046oil

Three-Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner For Oils A546OIL & A1046OIL

The A546OIL-A1046OIL are ideal machines for picking up metal swarf chips and coolant.

The machine collects the chips into its 60lt swarf container and the coolant /oil into the 400 or 600lt tank where it can be quickly recycled using the centrifugal discharge pump. This is an ideal machine for medium to large sized machine shops and where a machine is needed for continuous use.

Technical Features

  • Three phase side channel blower motor in a protective housing
  • Centrifugal discharge pump
  • Simultaneously vacuum waste and pump out oil/coolant
  • Maximum level sensor
  • Minimum level Sensor to cut out discharge pump
  • 10m electric cable
  • Filter for oil mists 220mm
  • 50mm inlet
  • Vacuum relief valve as standard
  • Large oil/coolant container 400lt and 600lt capacity
  • Large 60lt chips container
  • Rear wheels in cast iron 200mm, front wheels 200mm with brake
  • Painted version with frame Ral 9005 (black) and containers in Ral 7001 (grey)
  • Emptying hose 30mm (6m long) with manual discharge ball valve
  • Double handle for better control of vacuum cleaner
  • Full range of 50mm accessories available
Three phase a546oil-a1046oil


    A546OIL A1046OIL
Voltage Volts 400-690/50Hz 400-690/50Hz
Power Kw 4.55 (4+0.55) 9 (7.5+1.5)
Depression Max mbar 480 560
Max Working Depression mbar 360 400
Max Air Flow M3/h (CFM) 300 (176) 520 (394)
Pump Flow Rate Lt/m 230 0.55kw 400 1.5kw
Container capacity for liquid Lt 400 600
Container capacity for swarf Lt 60 60
Product inlet mm 50 50
Noise level Dba 75 76
Overall dimensions Cm 135 x 70 x 200h 150 x 75 x 215h
Weight Kg 350 480
Protection IP 55 55

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