Single phase one-72-73

Single-Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner For Oils ONE72SUBOIL & ONE73SUBOIL

The ONE72-73SUBOIL is an ideal machine for picking up metal swarf chips and coolant.

The machine collects the chips into its 20lt swarf container and the coolant/oil into the 70lt tank where it can be quickly recycled using the centrifugal discharge pump. This is an ideal machine for small to medium sized machine shops.

Technical Features

  • Machine body 460mm
  • Steel Head with 2 or 3 twin stage by-pass brush motors
  • Independent switches for each motor
  • Centrifugal discharge pump
  • 9m electric cable
  • Oil mist filter 460mm
  • Polyester filter oil proof cat. “M”
  • 50mm inlet
  • 70 lt capacity container for liquid
  • 20 lt capacity container for swarf chips
  • Rear castors 150mm, front castors 125mm with brake
  • Painted version with frame Ral 9005 (black) container both for liquids and shavings Ral 7001 (grey)
  • X2 version with containers in stainless steel
  • Complete range of accessories available for cleaning supplied with the bent connection 65229
Single phase one-72-73


Voltage Volts 230/50Hz 230/50Hz
Power Watts 3050 (2200+550) 4300 (3300+550)
Depression Max mbar 210 210
Max Air Flow M3/h (CFM) 340 (200) 510 (300)
Primary Filter Surface m2 0.2 0.2
Pump Flow Rate Lt/m 200 200
Container capacity for liquid Lt 70 70
Container capacity for swarf Lt 20 20
Product inlet mm 50 50
Noise level Dba 77 77
Overall dimensions Cm 70 x 65 x 142h 70 x 65 x 142h
Weight Kg 62 64
Protection IP 44 44

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